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Cory Dimmer dives into Swim School

Head of Swim School Cory Dimmer can't wait to welcome swimmers at the Bay Pavilions.

From teaching swim lessons in his backyard pool, to running the Eurobodalla Shire’s newest and soon-to-be biggest Swim School … Cory Dimmer is beyond excited!

Bay Pavilions’ Head of Swim School, Cory Dimmer, began his swim teaching career at the age of 16.

He described his teenage self as enthusiastic, sporty and a bit of a “yobbo”, wanting to explore the world doing what he does best.

“Swim teaching and squad coaching is my niche and what I am good at,” Cory said.

He taught right across Europe and Australia.

“My swimming background endeared me to a lot of people. When I was travelling, I could always find a job because I could communicate well with kids and adults,” he said.

Decades later, this bright and bubbly bloke is continuing to pursue his passion for teaching kids and adults how to swim and survive in water.

Over the past 20-years, Cory and his wife Sonya made the Eurobodalla Shire home to be close to family and raise one of their own.

Cory has since worked at all shire pools – Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma and grew determined to begin his own Swim School.

“I bought acreage, knowing I wanted to start my own swim school,” he said.

For 13-years, Cory ran swim lessons from his backyard at Long Beach – an indoor 15 metre pool, built specifically for learn-to-swim classes.

He said it was a humbling feeling teaching generations valuable life skills.

“Seeing parents I taught, sign up their kids – that’s what makes you feel old,” he laughed.

“But it’s really cool, and rewarding to know I have played a part in their lives, teaching people how to be safe around the water.”

Cory’s class schedule was always packed, with a wait list of up to 30 people.

“I have known people to wait for two years to get into a swim class in Batemans Bay.”

Families would drive from as far as Moruya and Tuross to see Cory at Long Beach.

“Swim classes at pools in our shire have been at capacity for some years,” he said.

When the pandemic hit two-years ago, Cory’s Swim School struggled to get by.

“It was really difficult running the business on my own whilst navigating Covid – it knocked me more than anything,” he said.

When Cory heard about the Bay Pavilions, he wanted to be part of it.

He stepped away from his business as a one-man-show, and took the opportunity to lead a team and build the brand new Swim School at the Bay Pavilions.

“I wanted to be involved in the Bay Pavilions because it is going to be great for the community and will provide more kids the opportunity to swim,” he said.

Excited for his new chapter as Head of Swim School at the Bay Pavilions, Cory can’t wait to see the community experience what’s opening in June.

“We’re now taking enrolments and giving the first 500 students a free swim pack,” he said.

Cory expressed the importance of getting involved in the Bay Pavilions’ nationally accredited Swim and Survive Program.

“Look at where we live – we have all types of waterways people can drown in – lakes, rivers, ocean … Being able to swim is a number one priority parents should make for their kids,” Cory said.

“Swimming lessons work in conjunction with other sporting activities and shouldn’t be put on the backburner.”

“Whether adult or child, everyone should be able to swim 400 metres to get themselves out of trouble – you’ll have a better chance of survival.”

“Learn-to-swim is for everyone.”

For more information on the Swim and Survive Program, click the button below. 

Cory stands in the Learn to Swim pool as its being built in January 2022.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday

Saturday & Sunday

Alerts & Upcoming Events

Bay Pavilions Grand Opening!

Akmal – The Best of Akmal